I actually refuse to be nasty or resentful toward my ex-friend.

Resentment rejected: I actually refuse to be nasty or resentful toward my ex-friend.
Rue unnecessary: Instead of rue the end to our companionship, I choose to savor each of the good times we expended together and the good stuff that came from all of our friendship when it has been alive and properly. Do the same thing of which bereaved people conduct at funerals; complain the loss but enjoy and treasure the exact precious memories.
Honor: I am grateful and also thankful that our trails crossed and existence connected; somehow I think this world is a considerably better place, because we all met and distributed our lives.
Not Left behind: Just because our camaraderie has ended does not mean this ex-friend betrayed or perhaps abandoned me. It shouldn’t mean he could not appreciate all I did regarding him, or everything we meant to each other. There could be things going on with her life i can’t or miss for now.
Purpose functioned: Our friendship provides served a purpose. Maybe it was meant to be merely a temporary friendship, which can be no less valuable compared to a permanent friendship.
Prospective Friend: For my very own part, I won’t consider my 1-time friend an adversary. My ex-friend stays a potential friend, yet I will leave the fact that to the twists along with turns of lifetime.
Better Me: However, for the moment, I will work on me personally, so that the next individual that is fortunate to possess me as pal will have one of the best buddies they ever had. Of course, I’ll remain helpful and keep the access to friendship any double door, all set to fling wide open once more if life could have it so